Gwitchyaa Zhee

Corporate Headquarters
Fort Yukon, Alaska
Administration Staff

Frannie Hughes, CEO
Roberta Cadzow, Office Manager
Dorene Mahler, Office Administrator- SH relations

Gwitchyaa Zhee Utility Co.
Fort Yukon, Alaska

Anthony Carroll, GM PP
Roberta Cadzow, Office Manger
Peter John, PPO
Jordan Jones, PPO

Sheenjek, LLC
Anchorage, Alaska

Joshua Nadell, CEO

Fort Yukon, Alaska

Cynthia James, Manager
Duane Solomon, Attendant
Jordan Jones, Attendant

We are always seeking
Shareholders to fill positions,
Please contact our offices.

St. Stephens Church

Purpose: To Preserve our Traditional
Way of Life through the protection of our LANDS & Creation of Opportunity to enhance our Future.


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Stock Will Form
Gifting Shares
Change Of Record/ Address Change Form

Gwitchyaa Zhee
Board of Directors:

Michelle Peter, President

Nancy Shewfelt, Vice President

Vicky Thomas, Sec/Treasurer

Gerald Carroll, Member

Laurie Thomas, Member

Nels Peterson, Member

James Kelly Sr, Member

GZ Board Meetings
Tentative schedule
is monthly 3rd Thursdays
Shareholders encouraged to attend

Gwitchyaa Zhee Corp
Fort Yukon, Alaska

COVID Safety * Village Safety
Family Safety*Work Safety
2021 New YEAR New Outlooks

MASK UP Shareholders

If you are not feeling well please stay home.

Our GZ Board of Directors are working on Goals during this COVID time, so we can transition when the economy re-opens. Currently working on:

Legal Revisions & Updates to our Corporate By-Laws & Articles of Incorporation.

We are accepting job applications for work:

GZ FUEL, Fort Yukon

Applications may be requested at

Resumes are being accepted for positions:

GZ Business Manager


GZ Shareholder Information:

If you had any changes in the past year, please update your GZ Shareholder Records:

If you have moved, relocated, got married, had a name change-

PLEASE update your information so we can stay in touch. We need you, our GZ Shareholders to conduct GZ business.

We need you to vote, we need to contact you for your GZ Distributions.

You are the shareholder of our Gwitchyaa Zhee Village Corporation

This past year, we have had a record of loss of our GZ Shareholders. It has been a difficult year.

Please know it is important to keep your information updated.

You can email us @ 

You can messenger us!

You can call our office 907-662-2933

      GZ Corp List of those who
need to update addresses:

Alexander, Trina
Bluekens, Stephanie
Carter, William
Cubas, Amanda
Curtiss, Janet L.
Cadzow-McCord, Shanna
Driggs, Joan
Dudet, Janet
Gwalthney, Blake
Grant, Jennifer
Gooshaw, Gary
James, Shannon M.
Jantz, Todd
Johnson, Willie F. IV
Hyland-Williams, Amber
John, Paul Jr.
Ludecker, Perry
Nielsen, Julie
Nelson, Brian
Price, Joann
Robinson, Arthur
Singley, Jacob
Wallis, Phillip B.

You, our GZ Shareholders,
Should one of these be your relative or neighbor,
Please pass the word, we Need their information to be updated. Mashii

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