Regular Board Meeting

GZ Corporate Office

Frannie Hughes, CEO
Roberta Cadzow, Office Manager

GZ Utility Co., Office
Anthony Carroll, Power Plant Manager
Peter John Power Plant Operator
Jordan Jones Power Plant Operator

GZ Shareholder Relations

Robert John

A Village ANSCA Corporation

Gwitchyaa Zhee Corporation
PO Box 329
Fort Yukon, Alaska 99740
Office (907) 662-2933
Fax (907) 662-3056

Purpose: To preserve our Traditional way
of life through the Protection of our lands
and Creation of Opportunity to enhance
our future.

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Stock Will Form
Gifting Shares
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GZ Board of Directors

Michelle Peter, President
P.O. Box 428
Fort Yukon, AK 99740

Nancy Shewfelt, Vice President
P.O. Box 132
Fort Yukon,AK 99740

Vicky Thomas, Sec/Treasurer
P.O. Box 306
Fort Yukon, AK 99740

Gerald Carroll
P.O. Box 387
Fort Yukon, AK 99740

Laurie Thomas
PO Box 148
Fort Yukon AK 99740

Nels Petersen
P.O. Box 11
Fort Yukon, AK 99740

James Kelly
PO Box 335
Fort Yukon AK 99740


Gwitchyaa Zhee Donation Request:

To obtain a Donation Request Form, please email gzcorporation.329@gmail.com. Please submit your completed donation request, at least, 7 - 10 days prior to the GZ Corporate Board of Directors meeting.

Gwitchyaa Zhee Corporation Shareholder Relations:

As you know, it is important to keep your GZC Shareholder Records current; start with your Change of Address/ Information Form.  For your convenience this form can be down loaded from this web site, please fill out our information and mail it to us.

Also you need to keep an up to date GZC Stock Will Form, in your file. This will answer who would you leave your shares to? This form can also be down loaded form this web site. Be sure to have this notarized before you return the Stock Will Form to us.

To gift your GZ Shares we have a GZ Shares Gifting Form, the legal title of this form is called, Inter Vivos Transferal of Shares, latin; between the living: The Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act amendments of 1987 allows to gift stock to certain family members during their lifetime, where you may give to your eligible family members some or all of your GZ Stock, so they can enjoy being a GZ Shareholder as well.

Gifting of stock is a way to share your native heritage with loved ones.

As Alaskan Natives, under this ANSCA law we are only to gift our shares upon the condition we have not received anything of value and have not been promised anything of value in compensation for the stock. The gifting is to be completed as a voluntary act and the gift is for life. Remember, you will no longer be able to vote the stock you gifted to another. The gifting is irrevocable, meaning that I cannot take my gift back once it is given.

Further, gifting can only be given to a relative: a relative meaning, your child, your grandchild, your niece, your nephew or brother or sister. The Rights of a Stock Gift are Distribution, Voting Rights, and Beneficiary.  Please find the Inter Vivos Transferal of Shares form available for download.  Do contact our Shareholder Relations Specialist, Robert John for further instruction.

There is language where a Child Support Order prohibits the Transfer of Stock.

Our Shareholders are also encouraged to keep their GZ Stock Will up dated. This form is available on our web page, you may down load the form, insert the names of those you will leave your stock to upon your death.  These Stock Wills must be signed in front of a Notary to be considered a legal document. 

GZC Shareholder Condolences:

Our GZC Board of Directors and staff to want extend condolences to the families of our Shareholders this past year:

Donald Chalmers
Myra J. Heaps
Abraham W. Shewfelt "Billy"
William Felix

Calvin Carroll
Sylvia Karen Carlo "Karen"
William H. Thomas
Fredrick Thomas "Fred"

Eric A. J. Luke
Edward John "Eddie"
Geraldine Folger
Albert Albert "Site"

Hannah A. James
Stanley J. Jones "Baba"

GZ Corporate Vision:

Grow Gwitchyaa Zhee Corporation
as an Economically Sustainable
Businesses serving Shareholders
Interest in line with our Gwitch’in Values.

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